Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is our commitment to create transparency, efficiency, and a seamless experience for the millions of end customers who use our products powered by telematics, computer vision and data science. We provide a more efficient, effective and informed way of building auto insurance solutions, assessing damages, underwriting, processing claims and improving driver safety. Insurers, OEMs and fleet partners across the world use our technology platform to launch new auto insurance products, manage risk better and resolve claims faster.

Key Metrics

people | 400


globe | 8


Enterprise | 90+

Enterprise clients

Smb clients | 4000+

Smb clients

Recent Reports

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We are deeply committed to shaping a sustainable, connected mobility ecosystem. By integrating ESG factors into our core strategies, we aim to make transportation safer and more efficient. We believe in harnessing the power of AI to drive positive change for all our stakeholders.

We believe in making technology breakthroughs geared towards social contribution social contribution and well-being. By enabling on-road safety, affordable coverage for all, engaging with ethical AI discourse, and cybersecurity challenges for sustainable mobility, we continue to emphasize social impact.

We maintain robust corporate governance, prioritizing effective shareholder communication and reviewing emerging corporate norms. The company aims to balance financial risks for investors while remaining transparent about its operations.